We offer a wide range of sand, this includes plaster sand, building sand, top soil, a sands & stone blend as well as play pen sand. It is important to recognise the different types of sand.

  • Building sand (red and yellow)
    • used for making concrete and laying bricks
    • sold per cubic meter or per 20/40kg bag
  • Plaster sand (white & red)
    • Used for plastering and building
    • sold per cubic meter or per 20/40kg bag
  • Top Soil
    • used for the garden, dressing of grass and potting soil
    • sold per cubic meter or per 20/40kg bag
  • Sand and Stone Blend
    • used for building
    • Sold per cubic meter or per 20/40kg bag
  • Play Pen Sand
    • used for sand pit
    • sold per 20/40kg  bag

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